Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Migrate your Oracle applications to DB2 with minimal effort

Here is a situation : I am currently on Oracle. I have invested heavily on building applications specific to Oracle. But right now I want something with lower pricing. Or I know certain technologies which are better. But the issue is once I am stuck it is very difficult for me to move to anything else, because that would necessarily mean rewriting huge amount of code to be used with the other RDBMS.

A lot of people would agree with me that either they have faced similar situations or they know about people who have come to a dead end after encountering such situations. Well then folks, its time to move to IBM DB2.

To make your current Oracle applications to run on any other RDBMS with minimal changes would need a lot of effort. This is because the two different RDBMS would use different forms of SQL syntax, Procedural Language and of course different data types. IBM DB2 takes into account all these dependencies and lowers the cost and effort of porting your existing Oracle applications to DB2.

IBM DB2 9.7 has a new feature Oracle Compatibility which makes it easier for DB2 to adopt the existing Oracle application code that has already been written.

In the coming weeks, I would share some interesting facts about this whole new feature. So keep watching this space for more.

Friday, 2 May 2008

A little bit about Puri in Orissa

Though known to many as a religious destination, Puri is much more than that. I have been born and brought up there, though right now I hardly spent a week every year over there. People would visit Puri merely for two reasons, The Jagannath Temple and The Beach over there. I believe it has one of the longest stretch of clean sand beach in the world. Puri beach is mostly calm. But I would like to put Puri to the outsiders and visitors in a different way. I would cover some good things to eat, see and experience when you are in Puri.

Puri is famous for some authentic oriya food and sweets. I make sure to have everything during my 1 week stay in Puri. To start with...
1) Have Bara/Upma and Ghooguni in any good road side stall along the temple main road(bada danda)
2) Have Arua bhata(Polished Rice) and Dalma(Cooked Dal with vegetables) in any of the small hotels around the main road. Recommended place are the hotels on the way to chandan pokhiri(pond).
3) There is a good place in Renuka Lane, the road which goes between Sagarica Hotel and Hotel Park. Just ask for Dusa's food restaurant. Its a small hut shaped shop on the road side. He makes awesome Samosas, Chena poda,Pakodi and Malpuas
4) There is one shop near Marichikoti, infront of the Indian Bank Branch named Kar Sweets, Try the Khirasagar, Rasabali, Dalma and Besara(mixed vegitables cooked in mustard) from there.
5) Try Tadia(Sweet made from cheese) from Gopa Shop near the railway station.
6) Try sweets from Senapati Sweets in Dolamandap Sahi.
7) Try Ganga Bhaina Upma in the evenings in front of Paradise Hotel near Market Chaka.
8) For special Khajas you would find a lot of shops near the Jagannath Temple, but try to get Khajas from Kakatua Sweets in Swargadwar.
9)There is an authentic chinese restaurant run by chinese people in Armstrong (VIP) road puri named Chung Wah(Lee Garden). Try for some chinese food over there.

Rest I'll follow up with more information.